Regularly the Snook team takes time out of the office to reflect on our work, celebrate the achievements, engage in team-building activities and, more importantly, brainstorm where we can do better. With a growing team and a new London office, imagine the importance of the June 2015 Away Day.

Yesterday, the day began with a train ride to Lancaster, and later Morecambe, from different parts of the country – some of us leaving from London while others from Glasgow, to meet up with the lucky ones who were in Lancaster already. During our travels, we took the time to work on questions regarding our personal development – inside and outside of Snook – and create an updated version of our personal biographies. We reflected on questions around personal achievements, proudest moments and aspirations to learning.

After arriving in Lancaster, we headed for a well-earned lunch/picnic as a preparation for the long-awaited trampolining and zombie shooting sessions.

Team away day zombie shooting          Team away day Morecambe

As we all survived the zombie apocalypse, we faced an afternoon on #Opensnook work. With our website redevelopment and rebrand open to the public, it was important to continue meeting our objectives outlined in the MoSCoW framework that we established internally and have been iteratively developing. In order to do this, the elements we focused on discussing were:

  • Case studies framework and writing
  • Snook overview and offerings
  • Team reflection
  • Personal feedback
  • Snook Glasgow office move
  • Office Manager position


Snook Team Away day

After a full day of sheer excitement and hard work, endless boxes of pizza were floating on our train tables while we tiredly chatted about the day while Eve took a nap.