We recently welcomed Greg Mathews, our new Business Development Director, aboard the Snook ship and sat down with him to share his story and vision.  

With a 15-year tenure in agencies, from large multinational corporates to small independents, Greg is settling into Snook life, where he’s able to utilise all his experiences to contribute to our work and culture.  

Describing his career as having three chapters, Greg brings a broad range of expertise from previous experience in media, creative and digital agencies. Starting out as a Media Planner for Walt Disney Pictures, he transitioned over the years in a series of roles to become a Client Services Director.  

Landing at Snook marks the beginning of Greg’s fourth chapter and he’s excited to contribute to Snook’s user-centred research and design philosophy.  

“The whole ethos of the agency is about changing people’s lives and making society better – making a real tangible difference for people. That’s the thing that appealed to me most. The work Snook does is important.”

Greg believes Business Development is about two things – curiosity and empathy. Be curious, ask questions and read between the lines to put forward the best proposal. 

“It’s in that curiosity and interrogation of a brief, creating your own insight, that gives you a point of difference.”

With that curiosity comes empathy – considering why a piece of work is happening, trying to understand the perspective of the brief and ultimately the people who are going to interact with the end product or service. 

“Snook is all about user-centred research and design and that’s absolutely it – thinking about the real people that are going to use whatever it is that we’re going to produce the work for – be empathetic to them and shape our response around that difference.”

Greg’s looking forward to growing Snook’s footprint in the digital space though our collaboration with colleagues at NEC. He’s focusing on expanding Snook’s capabilities in the end-to-end journey of designing services discovery and design through to ultimately helping build and implement them too.  

“This is a really great development opportunity for Snook and will add a lot of value to what we do. We’ve got the expertise within the agency to do more amazing work for more organisations.”

As a self-confessed film geek, Greg proudly admits to owning a DVD collection of over 800 titles. With an appreciation for the fine art of cinema, he doesn’t have a favourite film and instead watches films from all over the world across all genres.  

“I just love good films – you’ve got to be open to anything. I’ve got hundreds and hundreds – an attic full of DVDs. I’ve been waiting for the moment when DVDs become the new vinyl and are cool again all of a sudden.”

We’re excited to have Greg at the helm of our expanding Business Development Team and guide us through this new era. Do you have an opportunity you want to discuss with Greg? Say hello to the Business Development team or drop Greg a message at greg.mathews@wearesnook.com  

22 Feb 2023