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We've won awards from all over the world for social, digital and democratic innovation. We're a wee bit proud of our team for being amazing on a daily basis!

Some of the Aye Mind team receiving the Inspiring City Awards commendation in the Industry and Young People Innovation category on 8th September 2016. From left to right: Alison McRae, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce; Charlotte Fountaine, Snook; Heather Sloan, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde; Trevor Lakey, Greater Glasgow & Clyde; Eve Georgieva, Snook; Anne Dhir, Snook; Catriona Shearer, BBC (Photo by Jamie Simpson/Herald & Times)


Inspiring City, Industry & Young People Innovation Commendation (2016)

Delighted to receive this award for our collaborative work on Aye Mind with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Young Scot and Mental Health Foundation. Engaging young people in discussion about mental health and wellbeing. Visit Aye Mind

Inspiring City 2016 on YouTube

Scottish Digital Business, Public Sector Award Finalist (2016)

Grateful to have been shortlisted for our collaborative work on Aye Mind with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Young Scot and Mental Health Foundation. Mental health and wellbeing resources for all, using digital platforms and social media. Visit Aye Mind

Herald Scottish Digital Business Finalists 2016


Core 77 Design for Social Impact Award (2015)

We were awarded this accolade as recognition of our partnership work with CycleHack. The award gives credit for designs that directly benefit social, humanitarian, community or environmental causes.

Core77 Design for Social Impact - CycleHack


Government Knowledge Social Justice Award Finalist (2014)

We were delighted to receive this award for an SME delivering social justice. It's designed to recognise and celebrate the work of people and/or organisations in the UK that achieve effective outcomes which change the circumstances in which people are excluded, impoverished or disempowered.

Gov Know Social Justice Awards blog post

Lighthouse Design Impact Award Finalist (2014)

We were given a finalist nod for our partnership work with CycleHack. The award aims to show the huge contribution that design and innovation makes to the way we live and work. Visit Cyclehack

Lighthouse Design Impact - CycleHack


Mozilla + Technology Strategy IC tomorrow: Digital Innovation Contest Award (2013)

We won this national competition for our product BadgeMaker. Mozilla awarded us a fund to develop a digital service to easily implement testing and accredit learning of young people. Visit BadgeMaker

Digital Innovation Winners - BadgeMaker


Google Personal Democracy Fellowship Award (2011)

We won this global award for MyPolice. We produced the UK's first online police feedback platform. This award recognised innovative people who are tackling social challenges. Article published by The Guardian 

Google Fellow Announcement

Winner of Young Scot’s Enterprise Award (2011)

We received the enterprise award from Young Scot for our fast paced rise as young business leaders in Scotland.

Young Scot Award on STV News


Scotland’s first Social Innovation Camp (2009)

We won the first ever Social Innovation Camp in Scotland that recognises ideas which show the greatest potential to create real change. We pitched and built a demo of MyPolice which would become the UK's first online police feedback tool.  

Innovation Camp Social Innovation - MyPolice

  • “The platform enables a grassroots approach to innovation. It taps into a huge reservoir of latent social energy. Bottom line, we can see it making a real difference where a real difference needs to be made”
    Core77 Jury re: CycleHack

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