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27 Jun 2018

Building Design on the Inside

The new website for DOTI. Built completely in-house.

Mondays are fundays

Earlier this year, we decided to make a big change to how we work. Mondays are now affectionately known as ‘Snook Mondays’, we use them to focus on internal work.  They give us time to work on new product ideas and improve how we work together.

Changing how we work has create time for us to develop one of our side hustles, DOTI.

Launching ventures

Design on the Inside (aka DOTI) started off as a bi-monthly breakfast meet up hosted at Snook’s London office since September 2017. We eat pastries, share a cup of coffee, and explore the ins-and-outs of how design is being implemented, used, and scaled across organisations.

We strive for honest conversations that reveal the real side of making great design happen. With a podcast in the works and a growing digital team, it felt like a natural fit to build an online home for all things DOTI.

When designing digital products and services, we believe in taking a lean approach. Lean UX allows us to align design with agile software delivery. Our first iteration of the DOTI site was delivered from research, brand, design, prototyping to build, in just 6 weeks.

Ready to launch

Today, we are releasing our first iteration. Take a look at and book your place for our next DOTI session.

Check out the code that powers the DOTI site on Gitlab. Over the coming months we will continue to improve it, using data and your feedback to inform what we do.

What’s next?

For the next iteration we are planning to:

  • Design Calls to Action like “Sign up to newsletter” or “Suggest a speaker for an event”.
  • Launch the upcoming DOTI Podcast.
  • Implement fun interactivity and bring more of DOTI’s joyful and colourful personality to the site.

Want to explore DOTI?

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