We’re excited to be working together with NHS Ayrshire & Arran and students from Glasgow School of Art on a two-day hack event. In 48 hours, participants will develop proposals for innovative solutions that deliver the right care, in the right place, by the right people, at the right time, for people in Scotland.

Wondering what’s a hackathon?

A Hackathon is an event that brings together a wide range of people who have experience of specific services. We will spend time in a creative environment, focused on generating ideas that may be based on redesigning, developing or combining aspects of services, products and technology.

What’s the topic?

This event will focus specifically on unscheduled or unplanned health or social care. This means care that can’t wait and includes emergency support to people in their own home; booking of urgent GP appointments; 999 ambulance services; and emergency visits to hospital, including A&E.

User Research

We’ve been conducting user research for the past month. Our team has been out and about in Ayrshire, interviewing people with different experiences of seeking, receiving and delivering unscheduled care. From this research, we’ll be creating a series of rich user stories: bringing research to life to inspire our thinking during the hack event. By focusing on real people’s experiences, we can reflect on the challenges of unscheduled care from the point of view of the whole person, considering all of the connections and services that surround them in everyday life. This enables us to design solutions in the wider context of the local community and national services.

“We need to redesign primary care and care in the community to offer a credible alternative to A&E” [research participant]

Get Involved

Next week, on 30th and 31st March, our team of researchers will be observing and interviewing staff and patients at University Hospital Crosshouse while visiting various wards. We’ll also have a drop-in session in the silent study space in the library where you can come and talk to us at any time. There will be post boxes and forms left in the hospital to enable you to post your comments and thoughts if you don’t manage to meet with us.

We’ll also be more than happy to have an online conversation! Tweet us or drop us an email with your thoughts on:

  • Why do people turn to A&E when it’s not really a medical emergency?
  • How can we provide the right support to people when and where they need it?


Care Hackathon Event

When: Friday, 29th – Saturday, 30th April

Where: McLellan Galleries, Renfrew Street, Glasgow

Want to come along?

Register your interest today! Head over to our website and sign up.

Please note that the event venue has limited capacity. We’d like to make sure we have a wide representation of participants – with a mix of knowledge and skills during the event, so please save the date and we will confirm by 15th April if you have a place.

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