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We’re delighted to have some work inside the Civic Shop, a space inside Somerset House showcasing civic products to the public.

Brain child of Cassie Robinson, she has curated and produced a suite of products to highlight and question what civic is in the 21st century.  Moving on from the 1950s/60s understanding and aesthetic of civic life and engagement, what does it look like now?  What is the 21st century aesthetic of civic and our relationship with it now.? 

Civic Shop says:

“Alongside experimenting with ways to distribute civic knowledge and the role of social institutions in that, the Civic Shop will showcase the work of a new generation of civic activists and social designers – inventors of new public spaces, new economies and champions of public good.”

Through the shop, you can head over and pick up a couple of products of ours, including Dearest Scotland tshirts and bags to CycleHack hoodies as well as take part in some interesting Census experiments, pick up some Woman in engineering tea towels and more.

Civic Shop is open at Somerset House now.