So – we keep busy with side projects, some which spiral into global movements.  One of them has been shortlisted for a Design Impact award at the Lighthouse and we thought we’d share the news here.  The awards night is this Thursday and we’re amongst many of our fellow Glasgow peers who have done some brilliant work from Beyond the Finish Line to the Commonwealth queen’s baton and the graphics for the games.

CycleHack is the nominated project.  I’m on a mission with two other partners in crime Johanna Holtan and Matthew Lowell to make the world more sustainable through reducing the barriers to cycling.

This year we ran our first CycleHack, where a group of people with different skills sets from design to urban planning came together in Glasgow to discuss barriers to cycling and prototype ideas to solve them.  Except, at the same time we ran it in Melbourne and Beirut too.

Next year over 35 cities have signed up to run it from Bangalore to Vancouver, Cape Town to Mexico City and further afield and we’ve been featured on the BBC Worldwide service going out to 360 million people across the globe.

Penny In Yo Pants from Johanna Holtan on Vimeo.

One hack, called Penny in Your Pants, a life fix for ladies on bikes and skirts gained over 3.2 million hits online and is now being taken to market by Alec Farmer, Madelaine Wilson and Johanna Holtan.

I believe CycleHack is a true opportunity to tool citizens up to work with their local authority to consider how to make places more cycle friendly and really bridge the gap for co-producing ideas together.  And, well, we can now say it’s a bit of a global movement.

For more information you can download our info sheet or see below.

cyclehack_infosheet cyclehack_infosheet2

21 Oct 2014