CycleHack is a side project created by our founder and director, Sarah Drummond, alongside Johanna Holtan and Matthew Lowell. It began in late 2013 and this year, on 19-21 June, cities in 30 countries will be hacking barriers to cycling worldwide.

As the event organisers are busily preparing for the hacking weekend, we’re extremely happy to announce that CycleHack just won a Core77 Design Awards for Social Impact.

John Thackara, Director of The Doors of Perception, who was one of the judges said about Cyclehack:

Brings people together in their city to generate practical solutions to the barriers that otherwise stop or inhibit people from cycling. It gives citizens the tools to propose their own proactive, DIY, solutions.

The platform enables a grassroots approach to innovation. It taps into a huge reservoir of latent social energy. Bottom line, we can see it making a real difference where a real difference needs to be made.

To find out more about Core77, head to their website.

3 Jun 2015