We launch Global Dating Service Jam!

Would you like to take part?

*Update: April Fool’s!

A jam (or a lab or a hack), is an intense event where strangers from different backgrounds and walks of life come together to develop new ideas through design, collaboration, improvisation and creativity. They brainstorm, research, generate ideas, build, prototype, test and iterate solutions.

The Jam

Jams are built around a problem and everyone who comes along explores solutions. How many times have you been disappointed by Tinder or Happn? Have you used Guardian Soulmates and found out that there’s no one within less than 90km near your location?

The idea was born from a Snook employee, who’ll remain anonymous. Last year, they came up with the idea of using the messaging platform Slack as a means of dating.

They had previously tried and exhausted every other dating platform. Everything from Tinder, Bumble, POF, OkCupid, Match, Hinge, Guardian Soulmates, Happn and FetLife through to Whiplr, in a vain effort to find love. They had even registered for Channel 4’s reality show First Dates. Nothing was off limits in her efforts to find love.

As they explained ‘I literally tried all the apps and websites available. It’s difficult to have a meaningful conversation and explore beyond hook-ups. Then I thought… there must be a better way…’

‘As service designers, we get excited by wicked problems because there’s an area of opportunities to be explored. After writing a couple of anonymous articles about dating for Huffington Post, our Jam & Hacks team at Snook gathered to brainstorm.’

‘So we thought why don’t we create a Global Service Jam around dating. In a traditional service jam people come together to create ideas, that can change the world in only 48 hours. If you could do that for the world, in only 48 hours, I was sure we could do the same for my love life.’

Snook Directors said that after the success of events such as Cyclehack and Global Service Jam, they’re delighted to be sponsoring and organising this one.

Real message received by one of our Snooks. Names and image changed to protect identity.

Oh, Jonny…. Another example of message received.

Tired of dating apps and websites?

Join us to hack the dating scene and design a service that’ll work for you.


14th February, 2018 (suitable, yeah?)


Or for a date with a single Snook, contact us via email: dating@wearesnook.com