I’m currently in Madrid for the D-CENT Democratic Cities Lab which kicks off today. It showcases the results of the D-CENT project (Decentralised Citizens Engagement Technologies) that has been working to transform democracy – helping movements, cities and political parties to build technologies, methods and tools that can make the democratic system work for 21st century aspirations.

The Democracy Lab brings together a fantastic range of speakers – from Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder and Paul Mason, The Guardian Journalist to Maro Horta, Human Rights Lawyer and Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid. You can view the full speakers list here.

I’m here with the Civic Bureau: a department for designing civic life. Our aim is to make public-interest technologies easier to use and civic information more visible and easier to understand. We design for participation and co-production so that citizens’ imagination is at the heart of shaping the cities the live in.

Civic Bureau

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