Architecture and Design Scotland’s DECADE is a series of talks to celebrate 10 years of A&DS. They cover topics from sustainable development to housing and green spaces.

DECADE: Participate!

A hands-on session with discussions, key tools and case studies – an upcoming event challenging new and existing ways of participatory processes. It’ll ask:

What do we actually do with the information, viewpoints and advice generated during participation and consultation?


Key Speakers

Dr James White, Urban Design lecturer, Glasgow University

Cathy McCulloch, Co-Director of Children’s Parliament

Keira Anderson, Co-design Lead and Project Manager, Snook


Employing Participation Methods

Keira will be sharing some personal insights on how and when participation is employed effectively and ethically, and when it is not. A participatory event itself, Keira will be helping to facilitate activities throughout the event which will challenge you to consider how and why you should employ participation methods.


Time: 13.30 – 16.30

Date: Thursday 8th October

Location: The Lighthouse, Glasgow


Tickets are available on this link.