By: Linn
Posted: 26/05/2017

Want to work with us? *NOW CLOSED*

We’re looking for YOU to be our Delivery Manager for Project Ease. This project involves the designing, building, and operating of a service for one of our clients. While engaging teams and colleagues, you will balance exceptional delivery for customers with the needs of the business.

  • Role: Delivery Manager
  • Duration: 12 weeks with possible extension
  • Start Date: 12th June (preferably immediate start, some flexibility possible)
  • Location: London
  • Application deadline: 7th June
  • Contact:

Snook is an award-winning service design agency based in Glasgow and London, helping organisations produce great services by putting people first.

We’re looking for you to be the Delivery Manager for a large national retail client of ours who is working hard to design, build, and operate great services for their customers. While engaging teams and colleagues, you will balance exceptional delivery for customers with the needs of the business.

The Role

You will use agile methodologies to focus the team on delivering value at pace in an iterative and incremental way. You’ll support them to understand the team’s goals and how to achieve them, identify ways of working, as well as remove blockers to delivery.

You will manage agile projects to deliver a specific product/transformation via a multi-disciplinary, highly skilled team. The team must work together to design, build, and iterate a service based on the user needs of the people the service is aimed at. You’ll be adept at delivering complex projects, breaking down barriers for your team, and both planning at a higher level and getting into the detail to make things happen when needed.

Defining project needs and feeding these into the business will enable resource to be appropriately allocated. You will be core to decisions that build high performing teams, where people are excited about the work they are undertaking.

You will be working with:

  • Digital product teams
  • Service managers
  • Service designers
  • User researchers
  • UX designers and UI designers
  • External agencies


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting your team in building and iterating a user-centred service
  • Focusing the team on early and continuous delivery of value to customers
  • Defining and executing an agile delivery methodology that gives the team the environment, support, and trust they need to get the job done
  • Helping your service team become better at autonomously organising their own work
  • Addressing risks, dependencies, and assumptions in the team’s work
  • Removing obstacles or ‘blockers’ to progress
  • Making sure the team’s purpose, priorities, and progress is communicated, both within the team and to the wider business
  • Leading collaborative planning processes to prioritise the work that needs to get done against the capacity and capability of the team
  • Providing opportunities for the team to reflect on becoming more effective and ensure their behaviour adjusts accordingly
  • Following the client’s and Snook’s Business Code of Conduct and always acting with integrity and due diligence
  • Developing and leading a well-performing team, giving them the opportunities to be their best
  • Ensure all products are built to an appropriate level of quality for the stage (alpha/beta/production)
  • Actively participating in the Delivery Manager community, sharing and re-applying skills and knowledge, and bringing in best practice

Skills and abilities

  • Team leadership and motivation
  • Agile project management
  • Facilitation
  • Finding and using data to inform decision-making
  • Digital project delivery within multidisciplinary teams
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Decision-making
  • Influencing others
  • Proven experience in delivering projects and products
  • Proven experience balancing multiple priorities and dealing with ambiguity
  • Collaborating and partnering
  • Managing a quality service
  • Delivering at pace

We know that’s a long list. Most importantly, you’re looking to join a lovely team and support us in delivering great design work. Definite bonus points include an appreciation for gifs and jam doughnuts.

Please note that our client requires their team to be embedded within their in-house Service Design Team. This team already includes three Snooks (all of whom enjoy dance parties and doughnuts) along with the client’s small but growing in-house team. This is a great opportunity to experience both agency and in-house life in tandem, for a client that is at exciting point in their development. You will have the chance to shape the client’s agile development process while delivering change to live products and services.

Application details

We want to see a CV and cover letter. Please send salary expectations as part of your application.

Send this to with the subject title “Hire Me | Delivery Manager”.

Remember, the deadline for this application is the 7th June.

Good luck!