Design Disruptors is a documentary created by InVision. It explores more than 15 companies, valued more than $1 trillion, that have one crucial thing in common – using design thinking approaches to overtake the industry by design. Disruptive design is best explained with the words Uber, Airbnb and Netflix.

After enjoying some refreshments and popcorn, we took our seats in the London Palladium amongst many other creatives. The film was shown and an interview with Tobias van Schneider, formerly Spotify, followed after.

Design Disruptors explains how disruptive companies have gone from being small start-ups to the world’s leading technology companies. The movie itself presents deep conversations with design leaders and product designers from across the globe showing their work behind the scenes. The key to their success is being customer-centric and re-thinking the way that services have been designed before. 

“Understanding how design directly impacts your user makes you powerful. That power makes you dangerous to incumbents.”

– Braden Kowitz, Design Partner at Google Ventures

Uber or Lyft being a great example of this. The taxi service was created to solve the issue of getting around a city quickly and economically but; yet with technology we now demand more than just that from a service. Through designing in a customer-centric way, companies create world changing products that make lives easier.

“If your design looks pretty but doesn’t tell a story or create relationships with your people, you’ve failed.”

– Bob Baxley, Head of product design at Pinterest


Just before the movie starts. Photo credit: InVision, Facebook album

Design Disruptors looks in-depth at an area that has not been covered in the media much before and really highlights the importance of design in future products and services. The question is: will it be the next must see documentary?

See the photo album of the London premier here. The Scottish premier of the movie will be in Edinburgh on 1st August, 6pm at CodeBase – make sure you get your tickets

12 Jul 2016