We are looking for 6-12 volunteers who are interested in festivals to play a part in this exciting project this Friday.

The opportunity will most suit staff from Hogmanay, Imaginate, Science, Film & Storytelling festivals.
 But we welcome anyone who is interested in festivals! The opportunity is to carry out what is called a design brief, a short exercise taking a couple of hours where you look at a carefully selected element of the festival experience from a designer’s perspective. And the results of your work will directly feed into what Snook create for the whole festivals community. Everyone in the festivals community will be invited in the autumn to learn about the customised tools & approaches devised from this process that Snook are developing as the main outputs.

Please email design@festivalslab.com if you would like to take part.

We are running 4 sessions, which all combine to make a design toolkit to assess and develop the Service Design of the Festivals. We’ll tell you more about those when you drop us a line. Please pass this on to your festival colleagues who may be interested in the opportunity.