By: Snook
Posted: 20/11/2018

We’re recruiting for a Head of People

Snook is seeking a someone to look after our team and studios, from London.

Salary: Dependent on experience
Hours: 37.5 hours (flexible)
Location: London, with occasional travel to Glasgow

Snook are on a mission to design a world that works better for people.

We work with organisations to design more effective services which help people thrive. We do this with our design team, engaging with users, building digital products, training our clients, and much more.

In 2019, we’ll be ten years old. In the past five years we’ve scaled more than double our size to a team approaching 30 people, opened a new London office, and worked with brilliant clients — from Cancer Research UK to Hackney City Council, Tesco to the Scottish Government.

We have big plans for the next three years, and are seeking someone who can help us streamline and look after what we’ve got now, whilst growing the next stage of Snook’s development.

We’re looking for a senior level People Lead for a full-time, permanent position in our London studio.

Below, you’ll find information on our requirements, our values, what we’re looking for, what we offer, and how to apply.

Our Requirements


  • Foster our culture and values whilst enabling critical reflection within our studios, cultivating the ownership of these values across our staff in our everyday practice.
  • Work with our Snook studio assistants to organise celebrations, social events, and memorable occasions.
  • Formalise our onboarding process, so everyone from Day One has the best experience we can give to learn about Snook in the best way possible.


  • Design, implement, and iterate our end-to-end recruitment and people management process at Snook, aligning with Snook’s vision of growth.
  • Oversee the pipeline of recruitment for Snook, listening to business needs as they emerge across the company, and taking action on recruitment.


  • Define our Snook coaching system and rituals, overseeing success and problem-solving in areas that don’t work. Provide training for our coaches to identify and develop in-house training as the need arises.
  • Oversee our training pathways and budgets that help our Snook team grow their skills and bring their best to work.
  • Work with the Snook coaches and leadership team to monitor training needs and respond with in-house or external training opportunities.

Reflection and reporting

  • Design and implement feedback mechanisms that help team members understand how to improve, and develop pathways for them to thrive.
  • Design rituals and a process for documenting observations on what Snook coaches are hearing.
  • Develop our process for quarterly and yearly reflection and appraisals of our Snook team member’s work.


  • Define and implement our policies that outline our approach to running Snook, ensure that they are in excellent shape, legally compliant, have used the right expertise to develop them, and are up-to-date.
  • Ensure all statutory and regulatory requirements are met in our policies – and that these aren’t just bits of paper, but are lived in the studio by our team.


  • Work with the CEO, Strategy Director, and the rest of the leadership team to inform and decide on how Snook can grow and develop in the future.


  • Oversee our Snook studio assistants to ensure our studios are fit for purpose, are well equipped, and problem solve any issues surrounding this.
  • Liaise and negotiate with facility management vendors, including cleaning and factor services and lead our studio assistants to ensure the studios are tip-top.
  • Ensure our holidays and time off is monitored so we know it is used well and that our staff are prioritising their wellbeing.


  • You will report to the Director of Strategy weekly and asked to work with the leadership team to report monthly, joining strategy sessions quarterly to look ahead at the year.
  • You will lead two studio assistants in Glasgow and London who will support you to deliver in the role.

Our values

We do backup
We do open reflection
We analyse and address
We do agency
We say no
We do sharing
We do conscious transparency
We do active self-care
We do balance
We have sacred space
We encourage ambition not competition
We promote diversity
We believe in passions; personal interests are welcome
We fix it
We know there is no right or wrong way
We do fun
We practice what we preach
We are one team
We work with people, not for them

What we’re looking for

  • CIPD certificate in HR Practice, and a commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Demonstrable experience leading HR and growing a small team, creating HR process and policy from scratch
  • An excellent problem-solver
  • Someone who cares about people and wants to build a platform for success for our team to be brilliant at what they do
  • Someone who really understands and can proactively nurture our culture across the team as we grow
  • Someone who feels as passionate about the projects we deliver as we do

Most importantly, you’re looking to join a lovely team and support us in delivering great design work. Definite bonus points include an appreciation for gifs and bad puns.

What we offer

Snook offer a competitive salary, 35.5 holidays per year, which includes public holidays at your normal basic rate of pay, and supportive sick leave policy.

We provide an annual training budget for external opportunities, from talks and conferences to more bespoke hands on training, and we map this pathway with you when you join.

We respect people have commitments around the working day and we provide flexible working hours through discussion.

We have an annual team-away retreat for us to come together, and we spend a Friday together every two months as one studio to run show and tells, taking time out to learn, reflect, and eat snacks.

Every Monday morning, we have a team breakfast where we eat together and share our ambitions for the week ahead.

We are an equal opportunity and Living Wage Foundation employer. We support you with a Snook buddy when you join to get you started.

How to apply

We strive for diversity in our team. If we’re going to design services for the public we need to ensure our team is diverse. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and ages.

Please submit a CV and a short supporting example of your work in the format of an A4 document, highlighting key projects. Send this, salary expectations, and notice period to with the title Hire me | Head of People.

We will offer interviews at times that suit you, so if you have children, caring duties, or have to travel after work we’re happy to offer these at convenient times outside of work hours. We can support travel costs outside of Zone 2 if we take you to an interview stage.

This is a rolling recruitment process, meaning, we’re interviewing as we receive applications as we’re looking for an as-soon-as-possible start date.