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18 Oct 2016

MAKLab’s crowdfunding campaign


Or should we say, We Are MAKLab.

MAKLab Glasgow has been our fabrication partner and we’ve known them for years – from working together on CycleHack every year and being friends in good and hard times of running an SME. Richard Clifford and his full team work hard to ensure there is an equal space for all to come, play and learn.

MAKLab is the kind of organisation that we take for granted exists. For SMEs in Scotland who are not grant-funded but deliver social good that is invaluable, life can be really tough. Particularly for those companies going for around 3 years or more, the business is often on a very thin ice edge as you grow. Any small curve ball can hit hard.

We are backing MAKLab’s crowdfunding campaign and we’d like to encourage you to do the same and share with your networks. They deserve this community support after doing so much for the making, design, skills, innovation sectors in Scotland and abroad.

Their ambitious Indiegogo campaign aims to raise £50000 or more to secure the future of the organisation across Scotland and UK. Any contribution, small or big, can help them reach that target.