We’re excited to announce the launch of Snook Training – a series of Service Design training workshops focused on specific sectors.

We’ve developed these sessions from years of experience to support organisations in developing the in-house capacity to become customer-centred, design great services and deliver value to end users.

With Snook training, we’re focusing on turning our experience and methods into sessions that train staff and showcase pathways to embed design and agile approaches inside organisations over time.

How it all started

At Snook, we’ve always considered the importance of design-led organisations and the people within. These are fundamental to design and delivering great services that focus on user needs. This approach ultimately leads to increased revenue and/or improved efficiency.

We know in our hearts it is right to focus on developing organisational capacity. As experts, we continue to lead in designing services, but we also want to ensure our emphasis remains on growing the organisations and the people we work with.

For that reason, we have developed a series of training workshops focused on specific sectors where we teach design methods and the real how of developing a service and business that supports it.

We have started with the Education sector, and we are iteratively developing these to work with our existing clients and sectors we have experience in. Over 2016/17, we’ll be launching an open Service Design Essentials for Businesses training and anyone working in the service sector. This includes developing specialist courses in service design for sectors including health, the cultural sector, local government and the cross-over within ‘digital transformation’ projects.

building capacity

What’s on offer now?

Service Design for Education training
This training focuses on the education sector and higher education specifically. Why? Because in the world of increasing competition and external metrics, higher education institutions (HEIs) are facing pressure to perform. Increasingly, students are judging institutions by their overall experience and that picture is informing the choices they make. In addition, institutions are coping with legacy systems and the old way of doing things, and we all know there must be a better way to deliver a great student experience.

Our training process of service design allows us to break down the student journey, the components of how the experience is put together and how it is delivered at the same time.

We believe in future-­proofing institutions by showing them how to be able to confidently design experiences for students and staff that work and are sustainable.

As well as identifying new ways to solve problems that impact your institution, the one-day and two-day Service Design camps will teach you how to put your students, staff and key stakeholders at the heart of the design process.

Why should you come along?

A key approach which is rapidly gaining ground in the Higher Education sector is to use human-centred design to make services more useful, usable and efficient. There is already plenty of evidence of how this approach has impacted on public service delivery – for one example, the SPIDER project.

During out training, you’ll learn more about ways of fostering continuous improvement and how to deliver consistent service standards whilst understanding client needs. This includes:

  • An overview of the ‘prospect to alumni’ student journey landscape
  • Comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end design process
  • Understanding and practical ability to map the student experience
  • Ability to prototype service concepts for testing in context
  • Developing design briefs and project plans for implementing service design inside your institution


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We’ll be joined by

We’ve teamed up with Jean Mutton to deliver the Service Design for Education training. Since 2007, Jean has pioneered the application of service design principles to improve the student experience working with a range of HEIs across the country. Jean has vast experience of working within the education sector having worked in management within the Higher Education sector for over 30 years.

Jean is a consultant in service design and co-authored a Guide for Service Design for FE and HE published by JICS.

Come along

Our next training session is a one-day workshop on Thursday, 5th May in Lancaster. Grab your tickets today or find out more by clicking on the image below.

Snook training_Lancaster

Let’s chat more

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