Snook’s history is rooted in designing services that work for people and help improve society.

From working with local and central government departments to partnering with countless charities, we’re proud of the impact that our work has made over the last 12 years.

Our work, though, is not done.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, resources for the charity sector were stretched, and we know this is now even worse. There’s vital work to be done, and far too little money in the sector to do it.

Snook is a team filled with experts across research, design and development, and we’re committed to ensuring that our work has a positive social impact. We’re working on some major projects across government, healthcare, education and housing, and numerous charity sector projects.

But that’s not all.

This week we launched a new team at Snook, called Spotlight. It’s a small, multidisciplinary team set up to tackle critical social issues with digital interventions.

We’ll only be taking on a few Spotlight projects each year, and we’re going to be selective about what they are. We’ll be applying our tech for good expertise and working alongside experts and organisations in the social issue areas that we’ll be addressing.

Design can be a powerful force for good — that’s why Snook exists.

The Spotlight team will help us to build on the great work the team is already doing.

Over the next year, we’ll be rotating different members of the Snook team into Spotlight.

These are the same experts from our research, service design and digital teams that are tackling massive complex problems across our wider projects. For several months at a time, we’ll ask them to work together to address issues that are close to our hearts.

We have mission areas at Snook that help drive the decisions we make about which projects to do. We’ve also been working to understand where the passions of the individuals in our teams lie. We’ll be using this knowledge to decide where the Spotlight team’s focus will be, and what products and services we’ll work on.

As well as taking on new projects, we’ll look to innovate and trial new ways of solving design problems. The designer’s toolbox is becoming increasingly stretched, or falling short of providing ways to effectively tackle some of society’s most complex problems.

We need new approaches and new tools, and this team will play a role in helping shape our vision of the future of service design.

Because of the fields we work in, we strive at Snook to keep our day rates low. It’s always been important to us to give great value to our clients.

As a design agency, we’re investing in the Spotlight team, so for the select projects we take on each year, we’re able to reduce our rates to make this work possible with the available budgets.

I’m really excited about this new team and the impact that it’s going to have. Over the next few months we’re going to be talking more about it, and about the work that we’re doing.

If you’re a not-for-profit and have a project that you think Spotlight might be a good fit for, get in touch with me.

If you like what you’ve been reading about Snook and want to join us, then we’re hiring right now.

4 Nov 2021


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