Join our design pattern for mental health workshop online

On April 25th and 26th, designers, researchers, and mental health experts will gather in New York City to create a set of design patterns for mental health digital services.

If you sign up to our event, we’ll get you onto our slack community which we’re using for the event to collaborate across borders and disciplines to co-produce the material.

This set of patterns will be a first attempt at defining a global set of best practices for digital mental health service delivery.

Our schedule looks like this:

How you can participate on April 25

  • 12:30 US / 17:30 UK — View the opening presentation via lifestream, we’ll post it onto our slack channel and tweet out on #DPMH
  • 13:15 US / 18:15 UK — Support the in-person working groups by contributing research evidence and proposing design patterns via our Slack channel
  • Contributions are throughout the working session
  • 16:30 US / 21:30 UK — View the end-of-day shakeout, we’ll post it onto our slack channel and tweet out on #DPMH
  • After 5:00 US / 22:00 UK — View the initial set of design patterns on the Slack channel and add your insights and research evidence

How you can participate on April 26

  • 9:00 US / 14:00 UK — View the review and refinement of the set of design patterns
  • 10:00 US / 15:00 UK — Contribute supporting research evidence via our Slack channel
  • Contributions are welcome through mid-afternoon (US time)
  • 14:45 US / 19:45 UK — View the workshop’s final product and next steps via our Slack channel

I wrote earlier about what we’re trialling here and more on what types of content we’re looking to develop.

This is a first prototype of a format and framework to gather this type of evidence across the system, so go gentle on us. I believe it is vitally important that we pull our collective intelligence together and turn it into accessible products that help others do good in the world. We don’t know fully how it will work, but we’ve have a good response from people interested in sharing their insight from agencies, to frontline professionals to digital services in the healthcare sector.

We’re still looking for content next week. Please, if you can, you can directly submit here (your patterns, or even just research or performance papers) or alternatively get in touch so we can interview you about your perspective and what you know.

Please sign up, having some additional perspectives online will help to broaden our research and increase the evidence behind the patterns.

Get in touch on with the subject line NYC Policy Lab x Snook if you want to undertake a short interview, be more involved or attend in NYC for the workshop.

Want to come along?

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