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28 Oct 2016

Join the Snook team!


*** UPDATE ***

We have now made hires based on the below positions call-out. You can still send your CVs and applications to where we will periodically review if any opportunities come up.


We’re on the lookout for some new talent to join some exciting projects in Glasgow and London.

We are scoping new roles and are open to who’s out there. We are currently focused on finding some great people for both full-time and associate roles who have experience in the following things:

Service design, strategy and user research

We’re looking for a good blend of user research and skills in designing for service.

We’re keen you have been part of an organisation previously or delivered a product or service that you can point to. We’re not heavy into just the ‘methods’ of service design but showing us the experience of implementation.

  • If you’ve helped get a product out there by bringing the user into the room, talk to us.
  • If you’re good with conflicting perspectives and bringing people around the table, talk to us.
  • If you’re great at uncovering user insights through research, talk to us.
  • You don’t need to have a design degree, just know what it takes to design great customer experiences that put people first.
  • We’re open to a whole blend of skills here so get in touch.

Digital designers

We bring our ideas to life in the form of prototypes. Working with our service designers and strategists we need people who can build ideas quickly to test them with users.

  • We’re looking for people who can code, build interactive prototypes, test and work closely with developers.
  • Importantly, you put people first in your building and testing.

If that sounds like you – talk to us.

Visual designers

We’re keen for all our team to have a good eye for aesthetics but we’re also specifically looking for great visual designers who can bring brands, tools, ideas, visuals and prototypes to life.

  • Do you naturally draw before writing? Talk to us.


It’s important everyone has a level of service thinking; so showing us that you understand services and organisations and what it takes for them to deliver is good for us to know.

As we said, we’re open to who’s out there, and we’re listening.

Come say hello.

Please send us a hello to with a CV and a link to your online portfolio. Please do not email me directly, as I may not be able to respond.