Stirling Futures Lab is a two day event that will take place on Monday, 7 September – Tuesday, 8 September at the Tolbooth, Stirling.

But what do we mean by Lab?

A lab can have many names: hack, hackathon, jam and design camp. During the event, individuals with different backgrounds come together, form teams around a problem or idea and collaboratively work together in finding a unique solution from scratch. Teams will establish a problem, research and discover opportunities, define a solution and concepts, develop and test, and deliver a refined idea.

What’s the problem we’re trying to tackle?

We will explore ways in which a stronger link can be created between Stirling City Centre and the Top of the Town (from the shopping street to the Jail and Castle). You might make your way up that area to reach Dusk, maybe even on regular basis. We want to look at ways to create a vibrant environment within these linking streets – one which can inspire you during day time and feel special at night. Such creative environment could also encourage you to come back to Stirling after graduating.

You’re not a designer or with a creative background?

Not to worry! Everyone is welcome to attend. There will be a team of designers to support you, facilitate the Lab, and introduce you to a variety of Design tools/methods that could be very valuable for your future studies and work.

Why you should come along?

As a recent graduate from Stirling University myself, I can recommend that you participate, if not at this event, at other creative labs and hacks. This is a perfect opportunity to test your skills, develop new ones and discover a new passion, meet like-minded individuals or ones who challenge you to go outside your comfort zone, and maybe even develop a business from your idea with the team. The activities at the event will also support your studies. Here’s how:

Idea generation

Learn about new methods of generating a significant amount of ideas within a short timescale. This can particularly assist you when stuck for ideas during one of those all nighter essay writing sessions.


Whether you’re a qualitative, quantitative or an adventurous mixed methods fan, you can test your research skills – from research planning and interviewing and recording, to synthesising and clustering themes and findings. Here, you will identify problems, opportunities, principles and insights which will be the base of your idea development. Enriching your research techniques, knowledge and skills would greatly benefit your essay and dissertation writing, believe me.

Prototyping and testing

Speedily prototyping and testing to adapt your concepts in accordance to feedback received. In doing this, you will develop an idea which works for the people who will use it. This iterative process of developing ideas will further prepare you for market research whilst showing empathy for the end user.


Pitching a concept, talking to the public and presenting your developed ideas builds up confidence in your own abilities. Facing this fear of talking in front of an informal group will definitely help build skills and confidence for the future.

What’s the goal?

The aim is to develop ideas that might inform and be included in a Creative Strategy. Oh, and also, have fun whilst exploring new methods, techniques and tools.

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Stirling Future Lab