This past week, full of birthdays, visiting friends and the incredibly talented class of ’11 celebrating the opening of their Degree Show has got me reflecting on the past year. I wanted to write a little something to mark 1 year since graduating:

1 year since VIVAs, final pin-ups, designing and building the Degree Show and donning the orange shoes for City Night, the street party and Graduation (well, they were really nice shoes.)

There is, essentially, one word that sums up my past 12 months – Snook.

My flatmate recently asked how working has changed my life from my student days. I honestly answered that I rarely talk about anything else. My ‘news’ is full of project updates, people I have met and the places that my work is taking me. It’s engrossing, totally. For that I am hugely thankful – it’s exactly what I need.

The past 12 months have seen me graduate, learn to surf and then become part of pretty much THE Service Design movement in Scotland.

Snook projects have seen me set foot in 5 countries and teach at 5 different universities. I’m beginning to learn how the business works, but I am still utterly bewildered by how much work, dedication, grit and relentless energy goes into it. I am learning all the time.

I love that every project, different as they are, are all working in some way towards a greater goal. It feels brilliant to be a part of. I’m finding that my passion for my country is growing stronger – something that reminds me of being 11 years old, singing Highland Cathedral on stage.

The past 12 months have let me explore what I am good at, what I’m not so good at, what I want to work for, but not really what I want for myself. That I am still trying to work out.

The next 12 months are going to be full of adventures, literal and metaphorical. I’m going exploring – inside and out. I want to find my feet.

There are going to be giggles, tears, frustration and elation – I can’t wait. So, the next time I pull on the tartan tights (and then ask Lauren to straighten them) I’ll remember that, and I’ll look forward to what the future brings.