Konichiwa! Let’s talk service design

Japan Snook 2017

This November, Sarah will be exploring Japan and giving a series of talks on what Snook has accomplished in the field of redesigning public services over past 8 years. Read on to find out more and how you can find us.

On the 8th of November, I’m thrilled to be joining colleagues from the Edinburgh University Centre of Service Excellence to give a talk on designing public services.

I will be giving a brief overview of the history of Service Design and how, over the past 50 years, organisations in the public sector have paved the way in redesigning public service. With a focus on institutions such as the Design Council, the Government Digital Service, and others,  I will be exploring how they have been innovative in bringing user-centred design to the forefront.

Furthermore, I’ll be critically examining the various drivers for transformation in public services: from embedding design inside local authorities to building disruptive technologies outside of the sector. Neither one is a panacea to creating improved public services or better outcomes for those they serve, but they do illustrate various ways to think about how innovation can create change for the better.

I am also sharing the Snook journey at the Service Design Network in Kyoto on Friday 10th and I will be at the International Foundation for Information technology in Tokyo on Tuesday 14th.

The SDN event will also be open if you’re free – it would be great to see you there.

If you want to meet up drop us an email on curious@wearesnook.com and we will see if we can make it happen.