26 Oct 2016

Launching our design lab with Strathclyde University

We’re really excited today to launch our new design lab module as part of Strathclyde University Business Centre and the Hunter Centre’s new Masters in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology.

For us – it’s a great collaboration to see business education adopt and invest in design approaches as a core component of entrepreneurship and innovation thinking.

Solving problems, putting needs first and working on the form follows function premise ensures we are creating, investing and building things that work for people. If only every new start up and business put this at the heart of what they do.

Air Bnb, IBM, Governments, Uber to name a few are all well versed in service design and using it as a competitive advantage and we’ve seen it take off globally in the start up landscape so we know the course and students are in good stead to learn some of these basics and integrate them with  their masters.

There are some super exciting plans afoot so all we are saying is watch this space and follow us on #sudesignlab.