Snook would like to invite YOU to the opening of ‘Made in Stirling’ this Tuesday the 31st July between 5-7pm. ‘Made in Stirling’ is the Stirling Creative Industries Forum (SCIF) pop up shop that builds on from Snook’s project Start Up Street in collaboration with Architecture & Design Scotland, and Stirling Council.

Project manager Sarah Frood of Ice Cream Architecture says:

“The Stirling Creative Industries Forum (SCIF) pop up shop ‘Made in Stirling’ opened it’s doors last Tuesday in conjunction with Start Up Street Stirling. Made in Stirling is offering local creative practitioners the opportunity to showcase their work in a city centre location at 58 Murray Place. The space has be brought back to life through the donated time of Stirling Electrical, Ogilvies and D Signs with materials from Norbord. Members of SCIF have also worked tirelessly to pull together all aspects of the creative industries to make this a showcase of not only artists work but also the members strength in collaboration.

The interest and support of local business, local people and local organisations has been overwhelming. It is at the point we would like to thank everyone who has helped us, sponsored us and enquired about the project by inviting you to the official launch.”

There will be local musicians, light refreshments and the opportunity to meet the artists, designers and makers who are participating in the project.

You should be at this launch if you are interested in:

1.Reinvigorating High Streets through the use of vacant spaces.

2. Making change happen collaboratively.

3. Replicating a Start Up Street model in another city.

Snook are excited about the launch for three reasons:

1. Recognition of the impact collaboration can have

2. Its not a quick fix, but this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what might be possible in future.

3. Gain momentum for rolling this model out across the city of Stirling and attracting partners and collaborators

What next?

Projects like this are important in line with recession, the demise of the high street and the shift from offline to online retail ( if you need more reasons why it’s relevant check out the Mary Portas review ).

Start Up Street is looking to acquire additional units, build on the learnings from Made In Stirling and give more locals the opportunity to be involved. We want to capture the momentum, interest and enthusiasm projects like this can bring and emphasise that its not just about one shop, or a single high street, its about the entire City.

*If you can’t make the launch and want to be involved, please get in touch!

Using the learnings from Made In Stirling, Snook will create a blueprint that will support and inform the replication of this model so it can be scaled across the city into other vacant units. We hope that projects like Made In Stirling will help support in bringing people together to learn from each other in vacant spaces, sharing tools, techniques and skills to help support a much, city wide offer.

We hope to see you on Tuesday!

If you’d like to know more about this project please email me andy(at)wearesnook(d0t)com or tweet me @andyyoungdesign. You can follow the tweets on the night @startupstirling & @madeinstirling