The design challenge encouraged participants to reflect on their own Service Design journey.

We transformed our logo into one hundred and forty post- cards which particpants used as canvases to answer the following questions;

// What is your job?
// How did you first find out about service design?
// What do you wish you had known at the beginning of your journey?
// How can we make the most of the enthusiasm of our Service Design community?
// What are the main problems for Service Design students?
// What are the key things someone wanting to get into this field should know?
// What question did you asked yourself when you were ‘learning / exploring’
// What would be your one piece of advice to anyone wanting to be a service designer?
// If we hold an event – what should it be like? who should we invite?
// Who is the one service designer that you know of who you completely respect and why?
// What kind of help should we provide?

We scoped the existing landscape considering what works and what doesn’t…
// The design thinking network; ‘Wenovski’

// Service Design Tools; an open collection of tools used in the design process

// Service Design Network; an international network of organisations and businesses working in and developing the Service Design domain.

// Service Design thinks and drinks ; A network of events for people who are service designing by people who are service designing

We finished on ‘Sell me service design in one sentence! I am …”

a janitor // president obama // my mum // a pilot // a hairdresser // a nurse // a wall street banker // a venture capitalist // an unemployed teenager // a pensioner

The outcome of this design challenge was understanding what Making Service Sense is not ( i.e a website, a new social network or a closed group). We are about making service design accessible. If you want to be part of visit and follow or tweets at

You can read a write up of the workshop in TouchPoint: