Last Friday, 11th September I had a remarkable day! Firstly, I discovered I had been awarded a distinction for my MDes degree! …and secondly the exhibition of my work opened at Dundee University.

Making Service Sense is a service I have created hypothetically created during my MDes programme and with these foundations intend to turn into a reality. Making Service Sense offers young graduates a new way of accessing the world of service design, through a variety of methods and mediums.

The five core objectives:

1. To act as a knowledge bank.
2. To offer vibrant and relevant insights into the industry.
3. To provide a comprehensive pathway into service design.
4. To build connections between practitioners and graduates.
5. To grow and develop in a co-design manner – with the help of its users.

For the week of the Master of Design show Making Service Sense was articulated through a brand (logo design by Chris Clarke), a pack of 40 case study postcards, business cards, a process map, a 200 page design synthesis (all designed by Kate Andrews) and an interactive exhibition space!

The exhibition space had four elements:

1. Take a seat
2. Join the conversation
3. Ask the industry
4. Read about the service

The space was conceptually designed to mimic what happens in this web space, in that my catalysts fuel further questions. On Friday evening, I harvested questions in real time – I put a question out to the service design community via twitter, but no one at the exhibition needed to touch a computer. I acted as a filter between the complexity of questioning about service design vs. industry experience vs. internet information. This is more than being a moderator it is about being a facilitator. I am the service design filter. I am Making Service Sense.