Snook has teamed up with James Gillespie’s High School and National Galleries of Scotland to co-create digital outputs to engage young people in the 20th Century Masterpieces of Scottish and European Art.

Snook took 60 James Gillespie students to the National Galleries of Scotland, for a taste of the digital sessions to come.

The team

9 of these students founded a creative team which they named Urban Jungle. Supported by Snook, they have been generating ideas around the exhibition creating videos, gifs and prototypes. The students have been rapidly picking up digital skills along the way.

Here are the 2 of the videos showing the ideas produced by Urban Jungle. Two more Urban Jungle videos will be available online soon.

Connecteen Art

Connecteen Art from Urban Jungle on Vimeo.

‘An app that helps young people understand art; by using other young people’s reviews.’

Making Art Different

Making Art Different from Urban Jungle on Vimeo.

‘People have a digital screen that has the art displayed on it. If they think that the art can be improved they can choose to change the art style that they think is more suitable.’

My Life


‘A video about the life of an artist. This will be conveyed visually and will have voiceovers. Accessible through social media and YouTube. ‘

Be Roki


‘Be Roki is a digital guestbook where people can leave comments, feelings and thoughts about a particular piece. Other people will be able to see these comments and this will mean they can think about the piece in a way they might not have before.’


Urban Jungle presented these ideas to National Galleries of Scotland. The students, the gallery staff, and Snook all voted for BeRoki, the interactive comments board, to be taken forward.

Here’s what the students had to say about BeRoki:

BeRoki is a fun and interactive programme designed for and by young people. We believe it offers a new, exciting way to engage with art and provides a different perspective and a fresh way of looking and thinking about art works within National Galleries of Scotland. Using digital technologies, we’ve created a programme which allows active participation in art.

This quote is from the students about the wider project:

We think this has been a fun experience for us. We have learned a lot.

Urban Jungle are now working towards making BeRoki available on the National Galleries of Scotland website for young people to be inspired by. Watch this space.