Following a first prototype in 2013/14, Snook has received a grant from the UFI Charitable Trust to continue the development of BadgeMaker. The project aims to develop the marketplace for Open Badges, which has not been achieved yet amongst educational stakeholders.

Our objectives:

  • A full system-wide understanding and blueprint of how Open badges (can) work between educational stakeholders, employers and vocational training institutes
  • A working prototype of the end-to-end BadgeMaker, which contains co-produced badges between Scottish Colleges
  • A plan for sustainability

To deliver this project, Snook has partnered with Borders College and Dynamically Loaded.

Borders College are early adopters of Open Badges for their staff’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD). They are keen to explore how badges can benefit learners in terms of motivation, retention and employability through learning and banking their new skills.

Dynamically Loaded brings to the project their experience on business model innovation and scaling technology platforms, designing and developing data platforms and educating on creativity.

Snook are experts in co-design and creative methods that bring the design process to life to undertake research in user needs for digital builds. Before the digital build we will work through ideal user journeys with learners and also educators and employers to understand how the technology can fit into their lives.

To reach all stakeholders with an interest in Open Badges, BadgeMaker has launched a Quaterly Open Badge Networking Group.

If you are interested in Open Badges, don’t hesitate to get in touch: