You’ll see that the website is evolving slowly. It’s technically our 10th week of redevelopment and rebrand. In reality, the team has been launching, managing and finishing some big projects for our clients. So the new website gets pushed back to the bottom of the list but little by little, we’re getting there.

Here’s an overview of what we’ve been up to:
Defining our offerings

We categorised our competences into six groups: research, design, strategy, delivery, build capacity and events. We’re working on defining them further so that they fully demonstrate all our strengths and expertise.

Putting together client testimonials

Client quotes is another new feature on our website and it aims to showcase not only the variety of work we do but also validate it.

Forming a framework for case studies

In accordance with our offerings, we outlined a framework for case studies. We highlighted this as an important area in moving forward with presenting the projects we’ve worked on. The framework will enable us to create a consistent display of information across all of our work.

Gathering Content

This part can be tricky, especially when you have a constantly travelling team. We have been using gathercontent platform to manage content, allow team members to work collaboratively on a case study, monitor progress and capture all relevant information in one place including multimedia and tags. The platform is extremely useful in other aspects of collecting information: we use it both internally when managing communications and externally with clients.

Brand Strategist

We welcome back Robin who recently returned from South America. She’s currently working on our rebrand.

Version 1.4 is on its way. We’re glad to have you on this journey with us.