By: Eve
Posted: 20/02/2016

CLOSED: Help us organise this team | Operations Assistant

Operations Assistant

Full-time | £18,000 – £24,000 D.O.E

We’re looking for an experienced Operations Assistant to join the Snook team at our HQ in Glasgow. Could this be you? Read more below and apply by midnight, 11th of March 2016.

The Role

The Operations Assistant will report to and support the Operations Manager and Managing Director.

Your role is essential in the streamlining of workflow; ensuring projects are scheduled and set up correctly, are on budget and on time, and the team have a clear overview of capacity. You will support the Operations Manager and the Project Leads to make decisions on what to prioritise by looking after team capacity on a daily basis and maintaining an overview of all the projects in the company, both internal and external.

Your focus will be on ensuring the Snook team have everything they need to produce the highest quality work.



  • Lead the collaborative, dynamic planning process on a weekly basis to prioritise the work that needs to be done against the overall capacity and capability of the team
  • Ability to problem solve, support and advise the Operations Manager and the Director on current capacity and assist in scheduling upcoming work
  • Work closely with Project Leads to identify the weekly schedule and skills needed across projects
  • Ensure all capacity is mapped over the week/month/quarter
  • Prepare data for weekly capacity planning meeting
  • Support the running of the capacity planning meeting and document actions/implement agreements
  • Ensure all timesheets are filled in weekly by the Snook team


  • Support the Snook team to manage all communications
  • Manage all Snook social media channels
  • Manage the monthly Snook newsletter
  • Manage the Snook CRM
  • Manage incoming communications related to recruitment
  • Manage general enquiries and forward to relevant staff members
  • Server and domain management


  • Ensure all projects are set up and wrapped up correctly and hold Project Leads to account
  • For all internal projects, ensure that the internal project brief document is completed by the relevant staff member and handed to the Director for sign-off
  • Ensure all scheduled projects are documented on the relevant platforms (i.e. 10,000ft, Basecamp etc.)
  • Ensure all standards of practice and processes are implemented, holding relevant staff to account (i.e. project and capacity meetings etc.)
  • General office management (supplies, stationery, cleaning and recycling etc.)
  • Welcome new staff members and ensure an appropriate onboarding process


Skills and abilities

  • Manage and prioritise activities based on strategic direction
  • Be able to clarify business priorities, roles and responsibilities
  • Be able to make difficult decisions mindful of the complexities involved
  • Confidence to hold departments and individuals to account on performance and delivery
  • Review, challenge and adjust performance levels to ensure quality outcomes
  • Able to work collaboratively and to communicate ideas clearly and effectively
  • Be open to receive and provide constructive criticism
  • Work at speed and to tight deadlines in a fast-paced and challenging environment
  • A strong understanding of Agile and Waterfall Project Management delivery methodologies

We know that’s a long list. Most importantly, you’re looking to join a lovely team and support us in delivering great design work. Definite bonus points include an appreciation for 30 second dance parties, Friday studio drinks, gifs and jam doughnuts ?

Application details:

We want to see a CV and cover letter. Send this to with the subject title “Hire Me | Operations Assistant”.

Remember, the deadline for this application is midnight, the 11th of March 2016. Good luck!

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