23 Aug 2018

Our world is getting warmer

Snook believes that design can help, and here’s what we plan to do

Behind the scenes at Snook, we’ve been working on refining our mission and have spent valuable time researching how design can make a more liveable, sustainable society. Our world is getting warmer, we are overshooting several planetary limits, and the next 10 years are critical for limiting global warming to 1.5 or 2°C.

We’re keen to contribute Snook’s skills in designing, thinking, and doing to reduce emissions and adapt to the challenges a changing climate and extreme weather events will bring.

What we believe

  • We have to accept that the current system is broken, both environmentally and socially.
  • We need a collective rethink about what it means to be a human living on Earth, and how we treat our planet and each other.
  • We know that design can help.

Over the next month we’ll be sharing our thoughts how we can support places and people to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

We will introduce our offer and thinking across four key themes:

CycleHack 2018: bringing people together around the world to design, prototype and test new ideas that improve the experience of cycling and get more people on 2 wheels
TayBerry Seedling: working with local people in Dundee to turn academic research on berries into a service that people want to use

Let’s collaborate

Are you starting, running or wrestling with a concept relating to issues of sustainability, the changing planet, and liveable places?

We’re looking for partners to discover how design can help develop businesses, ideas and communities. There is funding available for us to work together and we want to create opportunities with you. Email curious@wearesnook with the subject line Sustainability Snooks and we can start a conversation. There’s no better time to experiment, collaborate, and design things better.

Check out the work we did with SnTech, The James Hutton Institute and London Midland trains for some inspiration. Furthermore  look out for more details as we share talk about our four themes over the next few weeks.

  • The next 20 years will be a decisive period in world history. We all share a deep responsibility, as well as facing a great opportunity. The policies and actions of the next 10 years will shape these 20 years. The next 10 years can chart the way to a much better future.
    Nicholas Stern | 2016