Imagination: Scotland’s Festival of Ideas is a weekend gathering of ideas, culture and politics programmed and produced by Gerry Hassan and Roanne Dods, and supported by the Sunday Herald.

It runs during the weekend of 4-6th September 2015 at three locations in Glasgow: Govanhill Baths, Glad Cafe and Glasgow Gurdwara.

On the Saturday during the festival, Sarah Drummond and Neil McGuire will facilitate Products for Democracy Hack to prototype ideas and make them come to life. Ideas can come from the World Cafe, taking place on the Friday, or from elsewhere. Sign up to take part in the Hack and in the World Cafe. And while both events are free, you will need to grab a ticket.

Date: Saturday, 5th September

Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm

Location: Govanhill Baths, Glasgow

You can get tickets here.

For updates, follow @ImaginationScot.