27 Jan 2017

Renfrewshire Council & Snook improving people’s experiences


A taxi driver phoning to make an appointment to renew their taxi license. A business owner applying for a parking permit. A young mum and dad coming in to register their daughter’s birth. A customer phoning to report a faulty street light. A housing officer phoning to check resident’s council tax status.

These are just some of the stories we’ve heard already at Renfrewshire Council. We want to improve everyone’s experiences: from residents, staff and all the other groups involved. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit we’re beyond excited to work on this project together.

The research

First, we’ll research what people need from council services. We’re focusing on the end-to-end journey – for example, not just at the point of when people get in touch but also what happened beforehand and what happens afterwards.

Then, we’ll explore how we could re-design the service to meet these needs. In our experience of doing similar projects, when we align the needs of people who use the service with the processes of those who deliver it – everybody wins.

The process

We’re exploring and understanding people’s experiences – both outside and inside the Council (residents and staff involved). Designing a service requires an understanding of all people involved. Our researchers are spending time at different places – the three Council locations (front desks/receptions and back offices), visiting people at home, meeting people at social places and on the street, and so on.

We’re doing this to understand everyone’s needs and motivations. We research and analyse internal systems, processes, and ways of working, to understand how the service is currently delivered and where improvements could be made.

Get involved

Would you like to have a chat with us about your experience of contacting Renfrewshire Council? Let’s meet! Click on the photo below or use the contact details listed.



Email: research@wearesnook.com

Phone: 0141 258 7644