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13 Nov 2017

Say hello to our new team members!

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We’re delighted to welcome some fresh new faces to the Snook team. Let us introduce you…

The researcher extraordinaire

Elie joined us back in September as a senior researcher and strategist. With over 15 years’ experience in branding, design and strategy, she combines analysis and creativity to get strong solutions for both clients and consumers. Before joining us at Snook she has worked with a lovely bunch of clients ranging from Lego to Cadbury’s. Outside the world of Snook, Ellie is a keen exhibition-goer, swing dancer and world traveller, with recent forays to South America, Cuba…and the Lake District!

Design intern and pizza magician

After recently graduating with a degree in Product Design from GSA, Greg is the newest intern to join the Snook ranks. He has a background in marketing and graphic design and aims to combine these skills, to create better service experiences wherever possible. Since joining he has worked on a variety of projects with clients including (but not limited too) Cyclehack, London Midland and Creative Hubs.

Outside of design Greg can be found attempting new practices in photography or trying to up his game in illustration and graphics. He is also on a mission to find the best pizza in Glasgow, and is fully committed to the cause.

Ellie Bryant
Greg Smith

Studio assistant and puppy whisperer

Izzy is our studio assistant, providing support for the team by making sure they have the resources they need. From managing communications to proof reading reports and juggling all the other things, she helps Snook get the job done. With a background in Visual Communication, Izzy relocated from London to Glasgow and hasn’t looked back since.

When she is not in Snook you can find her illustrating, eating toast or hanging out with her sausage dog, Matilda.

Our sustainable service designer

Ness is a senior service designer at Snook. She specialises in user-centred design and research, and has worked to involve people in the design of cities, transport, energy, health care, finance and telecoms services (to name just a few). Ness is currently studying for an MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation, with the aim of creating more sustainable services and using design approaches to rapidly experiment with ways of adapting to climate change.

Outside of work Ness can be found walking, cycling, jumping into lochs and experimenting with how much you can grow in a small south-facing flat with a questionable amount of Glasgow sunshine.

Izzy Bunnell
Ness Wright

Senior research and strategist to the stars

Mat (spelt with one ‘t’) is a senior researcher and strategist at Snook. He specialises in helping people do things better with data and design for new technologies. He holds a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham with a thesis that focuses on a large-scale simulation of dynamic taxi ride-sharing from the perspective of users. On top of this, he brings with him a 10 year track record in culture, technology and social innovation projects to the team at Snook.

When he’s not in the office you’ll probably find Mat tinkering with code and data, hanging out with his cat Heskey or making things with clay.

User interaction and master of layered thinking

Victoria is a UI Designer at Snook’s London studio. With an architectural background, her experience in exhibition design made her realise that the built environment is not very different to the digital spaces we inhabit today. Spaces, both digital and physical, contribute to experiences. And this is precisely her field of interest at Snook.

Originally from Spain, Victoria loves to travel and has been incredibly lucky to have lived in France, Chile, Switzerland, Portugal, the U.S. and the UK, London – her current home.


Mat Trivett
Victoria Alvarez Calvo

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