Our services go end-to-end. From tackling sticky problems, to building new opportunities, designing and testing the right solution, we take you forward in your journey to deliver a great service


Discovering behaviours and context

We study people and systems. Researching how people think and behave forms the basis of what to deliver in the future.

Snook Research


Direction for tomorrow and the future

We help you confidently move forward into the future. We provide recommendations that support you to see the long-term vision and what you need to put into action tomorrow to start your journey.

Snook Strategy


Bringing people together for change

We use our extensive experience to run impactful events aligned with organisation’s strategies to co-design services and products with customers.

Snook Events


Creating end-to-end experiences

Using our strong mixed skill set of researchers, designers and strategists, our team uses a balance of insight and design expertise to design and build products and services.

Snook Design


Critical friends for the journey

We provide implementation support to take forward new opportunities and embed an ongoing service development cycle inside organisations.

Snook Delivery


Building capacity for design

We help organisations with the development of design capabilities to strengthen their in-house ability to innovate and provide value to customers.

Snook Coaching

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