We design products, services and big change.
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From research to strategy, and brand to digital, we combine disciplines to take projects from discovery to launch and beyond. And the results will always be more effective, more sustainable, more human.


We can guess at how people feel, what they experience, how they use things. Or we can go and find out.

At Snook we do just that. We can help you re-orientate around what people actually need and deliver on it. We build capability to help ensure you can continually improve products and services, making them more effective and resilient. Whether it’s re-designing a whole organisation or building apps, we start with people and go from there.


  • User research
  • Building design capability
  • Strategy and support
  • Human-centred design training
  • Organisational design & development
  • Design recruitment support

Designed for impact

We start with people – but we don’t stop there. We make things to help them thrive. We put the hours in to understand a problem and the wider context. Then we work with the people who experience it at the frontline.

We test and prototype extensively, then we push further. This is how we ensure expectations and reality meet. And the things we design are built to be accessible so everyone who needs them can use them.


  • Product & Service design
  • Organisational research
  • Insight & Idea labs
  • Usability testing
  • Data analysis
  • Brand and product positioning
  • Business analysis / Org Design

Designed for complexity

Everything’s connected. Complex systems like housing, healthcare, education and employment all impact on each other. We look at these issues from all angles, using existing data and conducting our own research. We bring people together across these systems. That collaboration reveals the bigger picture and builds relationships. Then we can identify opportunities together to kickstart real change.


  • Challenge framing
  • Systems thinking
  • Hacks challenge
  • Strategy and realisation

Future facing

Snook can help you understand what’s up ahead and plan for it. We find innovative thinking and emerging ideas from new places. And we think longterm – building sustainable strategies so you’re ready for the future.


  • Speculative design
  • Brand strategy
  • Future hacks
  • Scenario planning
  • Horizon scanning
  • Cross industry innovation

Trained to grow

Training and coaching is a big part of what we do. People need insight and tools that allow them to deliver or campaign for the better. At Snook we focus on building confidence and knowledge, as well as providing access to tools and processes that empower people to help themselves.

As well as offering training and coaching within projects, we also bring people together to crowdsource their knowledge and combine it into valuable insights and products for the common good.


  • Participatory design
  • Building internal design capability
  • Human-centred design training
  • Pattern libraries
  • Public talks
  • Films