This book is a result of two years research into new types of community projects. The twenty-eight authors have contributed perspectives and stories on how ideas of participating and initiating within communities is changing.


These innovative views are largely informed through experiences gained creating fresh and imaginative opportunities for people to come together positively in their communities to learn, share and make.

Hand Made is part of the Social Spaces project.

“Ever wondered what happens when a bunch of passionate people come together to make something amazing happen? Hand Made is a story of life-affirming everyday creativity, reflecting a new state of mind … exploring issues of identity, community, togetherness, playfulness and pragmatism. Active optimism for the 21st century. Now unleash your imagination and go play!” Dominic Campbell

Sarah was one of 28 people who’ve contributed to this book. We all did so on a voluntary basis. The amazing work of the others is quite humbling.

This tells the story of optimistic, practical and generous people doing the simple things that makes sense. ( photo credit podnosh )