This is Service Design Thinking.« illustrates the young multi-disciplinary approach of designing services. Both layout and content are far beyond a mere textbook on a viral buzzword. The book itself is based on a Design Thinking process, including the knowledge and passion of the Service Design community and related fields.

User-centricity and co-creation are not only content, but the initial position for the conception of this book. It is designed for beginners to get an outline of Service Design Thinking, for advanced readers to discover a variety of methods & tools and case studies as examples for its applications, and for professionals to use this book during lectures and workshops.

Therefore, this book strives to use a simple, yet well-illustrated language to make it an exciting and enjoyable read.

—Basics, the first part, outlines service design thinking along five basic principles and gives insights from various perspectives, co-authored by well-known experts.

—Tools is the second part, describing a variety of tools and methods used in Service Design Thinking. The content was generated through a website, following a crowd-sourcing approach and worked out in a co-creative manner.

—Cases as the third part gives vivid examples for the introduced fundamentals with real-life case studies from 5 companies that did inspiring projects within the field of Service Design.”