Snook visits Spain for SDN 2017

Sarah will be in Madrid speaking at the Service Design conference, 2017. From industry growth to design education, here’s a sneak peek at what to expect and how you can get involved.

We’re thrilled to be marking the 10th anniversary of the Service Design Network conference by returning to Madrid on the 1st and 2nd of November. Since Lauren and I keynoted in 2009 (which feels like a long time ago) we’ve seen an explosion of Service Design discipline around the world, which has moved into government, Fortune 500 companies, and the charitable sector.

It’s been heartening for me to watch the discipline mature, especially when it comes to designing the process of embedding in-house. This is where I started, in Scottish Government and the public sector – now we’re here to continue that conversation.

We’ll be on the main stage in Plenary Hall, on Thursday afternoon at 16.50 where we will be discussing the lessons we’ve learned from working with clients like Cork, Tesco, and Thames Valley Housing association. Furthermore we will be sharing the stage with our wonderful clients from Cork County Council, presenting the launch of Service Republic and talking about how we started embedding design on the inside of their organisation.


I’m keen to talk about what’s next. How we, as an industry will scale our experience in developing service led business at scale and how we can develop design education to prepare our designers for even more complexity. What the next level of tools look like for organisations practicing Service Design, and how these can devolve the everyday improvement to the frontline. And finally how we, as an industry, take on the challenge of designing  with data to consider user rights, privacy, and security with the journeys and products we are designing.  

For more information on the conference and the full program check out SDN’s website.