The EU Referendum is this Thursday, 23rd June 2016. It’s an important decision for the UK and we will be voting.

Snook vote

To give a clear idea of our company stance on the issue, each one of us voted anonymously online. The result was pretty clear: 100% of Snooks vote for remaining in the EU.

Snook vote

We want to take this opportunity to clarify our stance:

  • We’ve always been a proud European (and worldwide) Snook team.
  • We emphasise on collaboration and diversity.
  • We don’t leave – we problem-solve together.
  • We include people on a journey with us.
  • We work on exciting projects together (check out our collaborative Ayemind project for example).
  • We travel, talk and meet beautiful people – we make friends, new collaborations, long-term contacts – across Europe.
  • We believe the UK Design Industry is better in Europe.


Snook believe in staying in the European Union.