This month we held our very first Snookersuperfication event. We were delighted to welcome these awesome people into our new studio:

// Matt Stitt, a final year product design student at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen
// Alex Barton, founder of
// Christina Kinnear, Regional Membership Manager at Design Business Association
// Daniel Sunden, a final year product design student at Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow
// Katie Edge, founder of Edge to Edge design
// Flaviu Lungu, a freelance digital designer
// Charles Tomlinson, a freelance graphic designer
// Barbara Beek, recent Illustration graduate from Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art and Design in Dundee
// Craig Owens, recent graduate of Jewellery and Metal Work from Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art and Design in Dundee
// Jamie Sunderland, a third year product design student from the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow
// Claire Abraham, a fourth year textile design student from Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art and Design in Dundee
// Lucy Denham, a service designer based in Northumbria
// Eleanor Forrest, a human factors consultant

We didn’t have an agenda so we started off by deciding what we were going to talk about for the rest of the day. Here are some of the questions that came up:

// How does Snook find projects?

// Where do Snook’s ideas and motivations come from?

// How do you measure impacts of projects?

// How do you freely scale a service design business model?

// What is best ways to engage non designers with design methods?

// Will service design still exist in 5 years?

// Where can we ( and how ) apply our design skills to / in Scotland?

// Does Scotland have a vision? what is yours?

// What is the one thing you would change about design education?

// How do Snook plan to get involved in design education?

Most of these questions tap into ventures we are working on right now so it was great chance to learn from each other and share experiences. We held a break out sessions around the Studio Unbound focusing on how to get yourself out there when you are a designer. Also, we held a break out session about designers working in the public sector and the role craft plays in the work designers do.

“Just a quick e-mail to say THANK YOU for your time and invitation last Saturday. I had a great time, met interesting people and learned things too. I admire your willingness to bring creative people together and tell us a bit about the business you are involved in. Again, THANK YOU and say HI to the entire Snook team!!! :)))))” Flaviu

“Thanks again for the invitation to the Snookersuperfication and for organising such a nice gathering of people.  It was very nice to get to meet you in your own offices (great location by the way!) as well as getting to understand better your vision of service design (and Design in extenso). But what I am the most grateful for was the chance to meet, talk and interact with a very interesting group of like minded people.  If we add to all that an awesome buffet, we really had all the ingredients for a very pleasant afternoon and evening.” Charles

“Just would like to say thank you for having me on Saturday! Thanks for putting up with all the questions!@ It was lovely to catch up with you, Sarah and Kirsty and be inspired by what you are doing! Your achievements have (jealously) spurred me on and given me a great additional enthusiasm boost :)” Alex

Thank you to each and every one of who you came along. We really enjoyed meeting you all and learning about what you are up to and the journeys you are on. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something exciting that can bring something valuable to the table. We would love to hear your ideas for the next event – who should we invite? what should we do?

If you would like to be part of the next Snookersuperfication event send an email to with ‘Snookersuperfication’ in the subject line and tell us in less than one hundred words why you would like to be part of it.