Surprising news!

We’ve been nominated as a Social Justice SME award finalist by the Public Service Transformation Network for a cross section of our work from MyPolice to The Matter.
The Social Justice SME Award was set up in 2013 to highlight the work of small and medium sized companies who have made a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people. The award acknowledges and celebrates the role that businesses often play in turning around the lives of individuals and supporting communities.

The other nominees have achieved some pretty amazing things, they are The Community Development Finance Association who lend money to SMEs and individuals who are unable to access finance from mainstream organisations and Providence Row for their Catering Trainee Scheme, an initiative run by a professionally trained chef and helps homeless people learn new skills and build confidence.

Both fantastic initiatives who have achieved some impressive impacts on local communities, honoured to be mentioned alongside them.  The Public Service Transformation Network are also running Better Local Services Month where public service partners are redesigning services around the needs of individuals, not organisations, in order to deliver better outcomes for people.  These places – and many others – are sharing their experience and know-how so that others can improve services for local people. You can follow this online at #betterservices