Snook worked with members of the STV Local team to articulate the voice and vision of their platform.  We believe the value of a design-led approach, thinking in the context of people’s lives is to ensure the digital solution(s) achieves a big physical presence within communities.

In past projects, we have designed tools, methods and processes that bring out unheard voices in communities, but most importantly puts these voices into a local, relevant context. We believe this kind of approach can help the team truly understand the barriers to participation ; what does having an opinion mean to the people who live here? If you could tell your story what would it be? what would that user journey look like?

To make STVLocal the very best service it can be, local champions need to be spotted early on the in the process. We think that STV Local should be working in a co-design and co-production capacity,  so the citizens themselves fundamentally become the designers of these services and channels. This means, the public create their own site together so it is customisable, authentic and reflects their individual community.

The first phase of work was all about helping the team articulate and visualise their vision for STVLocal. The connections and transitions between all these channels have to be seamless; the next step is to find out what users want to do , how they want to do it and how that connects with STVLocal.