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Design and build data-rich, interactive user guides and win an all-expenses paid trip to Microsoft Inspire 2017

Tech Data Hack aims to promote new talent and innovative ideas by challenging participants to design and build data-rich, interactive user guides to deliver immersive experiences. It’s organised in collaboration with Tech Data Cloud, will take place on the 16th – 17th of June at Runway East Shoreditch, and you are invited! Grab your FREE tickets here.

From AI to the Cloud

Now, more than ever, people are developing a relentless appetite for authentic, personalised, immersive, and memorable experiences. Integrated technology and data have become extremely important in connecting the digital and physical world, ensuring rich and seamless user experiences as well efficiency for service providers.

From AI and voice-controlled devices to predictive analytics and the Cloud, people are looking for interactive experiences that adapt to their behaviours in real time and actively respond to their changing needs.

With this in mind, we are hosting a two-day event loaded with innovation, tech, collaborative energy, industry leaders, mentors, great food, never-ending coffee supplies, and tireless facilitators. This is your chance to get involved in developing future solutions that harness the power of analytics and data visualisation to guide users through events, spaces, transportation networks, and other systems.

The Hack

The two-day event will start with welcome refreshments, introductions, and networking, followed by a series of presentations delivered by industry leaders. Participants will then work to consolidate their teams, or create new ones, refining the challenges that they will try solve over the next 24 hours.

Our facilitators will support participants throughout the event, leading them through the Hack process and providing design guidance to ensure that user needs are at the core of the solutions created. Mentors will also support participants by providing technical and commercial knowledge to help them develop working prototypes, marketable solutions, and compelling pitches.

After a fast-paced 24 hours of designing and developing solutions, the teams will showcase their working prototypes in front of a panel of judges (including top-level management from Tech Data, Microsoft, and Cloud Industry Forum) and the rest of the participants.

The winning team will have the unique opportunity to gain global exposure by showcasing their prototype at Microsoft Inspire 2017, one of the largest tech conferences in the world, all expenses covered (including flights, accommodation, exhibitor tickets, and costs to attend the conference of a cumulative value of $5,000).

From students to small teams and startups, we are looking for participants with technical, design, and commercial background. Grab your free tickets on Eventbrite.

Joining Tech Data Hack gives you:

  • The chance to showcase your idea at Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington DC, one of the largest tech conferences in the world, all expenses covered (including flights, accommodation, exhibitor tickets, and costs to attend the conference of a cumulative value of $5,000).
  • The opportunity to present your working prototypes to top-level management at Tech Data, Microsoft, Cloud Industry Forum, and to other key players in the cloud computing landscape
  • The possibility to empower your team and enhance your skills to drive innovation
  • The freedom to transform your products, mindset, and ideas by collaborating with inspiring people in a buzzing environment
  • The opportunity to meet and cooperate with like-minded professionals
  • The chance to receive guidance and feedback from marketing and tech experts

The intricate details

What’s a hack?
An event that brings together a wide range of people with different skill sets, backgrounds, and complementary expertise. We spend time in a creative environment, focused on generating and developing ideas that may be based on redesigning, developing, or combining aspects of services, products, and technology.

What’s the challenge?

To create, publish, manage, and measure compelling audience experiences:

“Design and build an interactive user guide to help users navigate a space, event, service, transportation network, or other connected systems. The guide should feature content delivery, statistics tracking, media, and an interactive interface (for example 3D rendered, picture-based, dhtml, or java).”

How do I hack my way to a solution?

  • Consider how to gather, analyse, share, and visualise data for the benefit of both users and service providers
  • Translate the data gathered into compelling narratives and focus on delivering an immersive experience for users
  • Create data visualisations that make sense of complexity, highlight key insights, provide future guidance, and inspire informed actions

For more details, see and make sure you get an Early Bird ticket (available until the 2nd of June) to chat to Tech Data marketing and technology experts for some insider advice on hacking the hack.

Join Tech Data Hack

We look forward to hacking together.