I’ve had a few days to reflect on Culture Shift 3 since I left the heat and haze if Lagos and returned to the dreich Glasgow weather.

It’s exciting to see the pace at which things have moved already. The winners were announced at 7pm on Sunday evening and by 8:30pm there were follow ups arranged with Tunji and the Pre-Incubation team at CcHub. By Tuesday some of the teams were back and kicking off their first meeting with one group even pushing to launch their concept on Wednesday, in line with a special someone’s birthday.

These guys don’t hang about. By Monday morning, Mainframe already had their Culture Shift concept Opomulero up on their website.


This years programme was split into two distinct phases, The Idea Hack (December ’13) and The Hackathon (February ’14) if you missed either of this, you can read more about the Idea Hack here and the Hackathon here.

It was a privilege to be working with the teams at CcHub and the British Council again and without the support and effort from everyone involved we wouldn’t have been able to run such a successful programme. A huge thanks also has to go to a talented group of participants who supported each of the organisations in realising their ideas.

It’s been a blast and I’m looking forward to seeing where our finalists take their concepts over the next three months. With the grant funding from British Council and the on going support of CcHub they all have a fantastic opportunity to make some amazing this happen, both for their organisations and for people across Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

If you missed The Hackathon then you can;

Read the Storify.

See some of the photos on Facebook. From Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

Hear what the participants of Culture Shift 3 had to say on Vimeo.



A final thanks has to go out to the British Council team; especially Chiagozie and Lynsey and also to the utterly brilliant team at CcHub; Femi, Bosun, Tunji, Mayowa, Tolu, Malaika, ‘Kene and Abiodun.


Till next time!