Roisin Robertson and the team at Renfrewshire Council asked Snook to help them develop an outcome of the Renfrewshire Co-Design workshop; Tools to Talk. As it stands, this tool is a diary/booklet that helps patients communicate with their doctor | specialist | family | carer. It focuses on the emotional aspect of how someone feels and provides them with phrases | visuals that help to break down medical jargon.

It is all about making first steps of diagnosis easier, building confidence ( to start talking about your condition ), practicalities ( benefits ) support for carers and ‘personal’ conversation.

We bgean by equipping participants with the ability to create their own prototype. This enabled the product to be tested and evaluated in real time with users. The focus is on the tone, imagery and content of the product.

We held a workshop with participants to break down their journeys into blueprints, highlighting the different touch points that need to be considered in the final prototype. We encouraged participants to view their prototype like a real entity, considering all the components/parts that make it.

We created an oversized version of the booklet and invited the participants to make it their own. We are now in the process of making that version digital. Watch this space for the final result!