About this event

Services often become complex and hard to use because they’re designed around unseen business processes. These force people to try to understand complicated systems and languages that have nothing to do with what they want to achieve.

Do you want to find out which parts of your service frustrate your users and design ways to not only meet their needs, but maybe even bring them joy?

Learn how to design services that meet the real needs of people and the planet. Join this short intensive course to get hands-on experience of mapping out a customer journey then diving deeper into the organisation that delivers it by creating a service design blueprint.

The course runs over 2 half days (09:30 – 13:00) to allow the participants reflection time between the days and comes with a post pack email of further reading and material gathered during the course to digest in your leisure.

The course

A journey map describes how a user interacts with a service over time, outlining the touchpoints (everything from a leaflet or a shop window through to websites, apps and call centres). We find out what they are thinking, feeling and doing – what they’re actually doing, not what they say they do! This gives you a view of the whole experience of using a service- including what happened before and after first engaging with it. It can reveal moments of satisfaction, but also those tricky pain points.

This course will take you through this “front stage” activity and enable you to join dots, identify users’ pain points and look to find new value for them and the organisation, whilst adding in layers to ensure you are approaching the work in an inclusive and planet-centred manner.

A lot of agencies and organisations stop here, but we want to take you deeper and enable you to fully see the bigger, holistic view needed to create real change.

Once we have the journey map and front stage set, you will dig deeper into the “back stage” blueprint. A service blueprint maps out the steps in a service process, unveiling the intricacies that hide beneath the surface. This map can help to design a new process, document and improve an existing one, or even be used to future cast and narrate the desired future with your clients and stakeholders.

Both processes build on the rich research and data you’ve gathered and link together to create a more joined up way of looking at the internal and external workings and experience of the company.

What you will learn

– Why and how we journey map

– Why and how we service blueprint

– How these maps can help you and your organisation create change

– Understand the role of “As is” & “Future State” maps

– Develop confidence in how to navigate the many uses of maps in user centred design

– Learn how to structure and collaboratively create journey maps and blueprints

– How to apply the COM-B Model of Behaviour

Who should go on this course?

This course is for people wanting to discover moments that matter in their user or customers journey through your service. Who want to maximise the high points and understand the pain points. Who want to create a shared understanding of the service with your clients, stakeholders and team. Who want to have better communication and outcomes in their organisations and help break down silos.

This could be user researchers, early career service designers, content designers, interaction designers and others working within digital design teams

For people working with service designers and digital design teams

Teams looking to up skill and have a shared understanding of role of maps their projects

Why Snook?

For over ten years Snook has been quietly revolutionising the private and the public sector, on a mission to make the world more human. We’ve built great products and services in a wide range of scenarios, putting people at the heart of the design process every time. We want to share what we have learned from these experiences with you so more people can benefit from the value service design brings.

Participant Feedback

“I really enjoyed the course. I thought the delivery and the scope was fantastic – to get through so much in 2 half days was amazing and the way it was structured and presented is incredible. The team-based exercises were so helpful, and the interaction of the facilitators was fantastic.

There aren’t enough good words to say! I’m about to lead a Service Design process so it was perfect timing, it assured me with processes and experiences I was already familiar with as well as gave insight to new ideas and practices I’ll be bringing in”

– Micheal, Participant and UX Designer, Medical Director

“Snook expertly facilitated the Journey Mapping and Blueprinting sessions with the NHS teams, taking us on an intriguing journey through both the theoretical and practical side of journey mapping and blueprinting. They struck a perfect balance between talking through slides and hands on workshopping. We were split into small groups for the practical sessions, which were thoroughly enjoyable, with our hosts always on hand to offer support. They took us step by step through each element of the process to solidify our learning, and those who chose to presented back to the wider group.

The. Snook team created a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere throughout and participants felt totally at ease to express themselves. Feedback from colleagues was overwhelmingly positive, and I received many questions asking when the next ones were!”

– Amanda King, NHS Lead Service Designer / Screening

Making Sense of Service Design

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Tues 30th April 2024, 09:30 – 13:00 BST
Wed 1st May 2024, 09:30 – 13:00 BST
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User Centred Systems Thinking

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Wed 22nd May 2024, 09:30 – 13:00 GMT
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Service Design Training for Housing Providers

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From learning how to engage with tenants to finding practical ways to respond to new Government guidelines for safety and net-zero targets. Service design can help transform the future of housing.

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You can either choose from existing courses or create something bespoke with one of our Learning Design team.