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21 Feb 2017

Welcome to Snook!

We’re delighted to welcome Andrew, Harriet, Lucy, Linn and Gul to Snook!

The UX Lead

Andrew joined the team this week as Senior Designer, moving from Cardiff all the way up north to the dear green place. With over 10 years industry experience, ranging from Silicon Valley startups to public sector bodies, Andrew will be leading on UX and UI projects. Outside the world of Snook, Andrew likes spending time with his cat (and wife), eating vegetarian food, riding his bike as well as dabbling in illustration and sign-writing. Being a newbie in town, any advice on where to go (or where not to go) is appreciated.

The Service Designer

After grabbing a degree in Product Design from Glasgow School of Art, Harriet worked with asylum seekers and the homeless community in Glasgow to improve integration and access to public services. So far, she has worked on a variety of projects at Snook, ranging from a handbook for museum curators for the British Council, the annual Glasgow Service Jam and the Open Source BadgeMaker. Harriet enjoys yoga, knitting, and visiting the Scottish Highlands and Islands. So, she’s always up for an adventure!


The Project Lead

The researcher, project manager and dot connector Lucy is currently leading on a project with the Future Cities Catapult to help bring people’s stories of the built environment to life. She has a background in bioscience and we’re glad she happened to stumble into the design world. For the last four years, Lucy has worked as a freelance researcher, leading on projects in the third sector and most recently, worked in a technology start-up supporting the design of a new visual interface while pondering the future of the web. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, reading, and exploring the wilds of London and beyond.

The Multitasking Extraordinaire

Linn is Snook’s new studio assistant which means she’s a multitasking expert who will be helping us get things done – be it writing newsletters, making sure projects have the resources they need or proofreading reports. Linn graduated with a politics degree from the University of Glasgow last summer and joined us after a six month traineeship at the Norwegian Embassy in the Netherlands. Besides Snook, she has a keen interest in music, travel, and international relations. She also enjoys bragging about how many countries she’s visited (it’s 46).


The User Researcher

With a background in anthropology, researcher Gul has previously worked for Innovation Unit and was a fellow on the social innovation postgraduate Year Here. Her work and volunteering have taken her to universities in Tanzania, inner city schools in the UK and various communities around London. At Snook, she is currently doing user research on a smart cities project with Future Cities Catapult and Ernst & Young, as well as research and problem-solving for Origin Housing’s work experience programme. When she’s not pondering the human condition, you might find her reading some fiction or doing a bit of yoga.

We’re delighted to welcome Andrew, Harriet, Lucy, Linn and Gul to Snook! As a 2017 Bants Desk tradition, everyone will have an alternative Snook name – Eve is currently working on this.