We’re hiring at Snook – not just a few roles – lots of them. We’re looking to grow our team in a number of areas because we’ve got a big challenge on our hands.

Why is Snook here?

We’re on a mission to design a world where people and planet thrive. We think deep and look wide to transform the systems that shape our world. That means everything, everywhere – from exploring healthcare’s digital future to tearing down barriers to accessible transport. Bit by bit, we’re making our world more human – so everyone can thrive.

We believe that when our world is built around people, it makes everyone happier, healthier, and more productive.

Right now, parts of our world aren’t like that. They’re not designed for or with the people who live in them. This creates barriers that make life harder – from small, everyday experiences, to the bigger systems that shape our lives.

We’re looking for people to help us make the world more accessible, more sustainable, more effective: more human.

What are we shooting for? Our 5 mission areas

Our missions are like shared dreams we are chasing. They are still in development but we’re crafting key questions that help us aim towards realising them. They are;

1. Thriving planet

  • How do we normalise sustainability?
  • How do we design products and services that impact positively on our environment?
  • How do we design a world that works for the planet? 

2. Next-era government

  • The next era of government can be more relational and truly help people thrive.
  • How do we bake kindness and a more human approach into public services? 
  • How do we deliver the right support for people, on their terms and when they need it?
  • How do we design support around people’s lives, not expecting them to manage their relationships with services? 

3. Good business

  • What does an economy that delivers value for business, people and planet look like? 
  • How do we release potential and build resilience for all in the process?
  • What are the opportunities in an automated world?

4. Healthy lives

  • Can we design healthcare systems to be empowering, intuitive to navigate and naturally innovative? 
  • How can they realise the potential of digital and data – from prevention to personalisation?

5. Communities for all

  • With the right tools and autonomy, members of communities can release their potential & influence the places they live and work in.
  • Where can policy and technology help create deeper resilience?
  • How can we design places that help people thrive?

If all this sounds good to you, then come and join our team. We work both in the practical stabilising space (doing the hard work that needs to be done now to make things accessible in the current system) and the emergent space (thinking and articulating what a different system might look like in the future). Thanks to Cassie Robinson for her articulation of emergent models and roles.

What are we working on right now?

  • Helping the Home Office with their user-centred design work as their key partner
  • Redesigning the future of 999 calls and control rooms
  • Helping the Government with Gov Zero, ensuring people have free access to essential information on the internet
  • Tackling free schools meals and nutrition across the UK in a number of projects
  • We’re helping lots of volunteer and member organisations like the Scouts consider and design what it means to be a 21st-century organisation
  • And so much more…

How does this all fit together?

We’re happy to share our organisation chart above. We’ve recognised a need for a new phase of growth which ensures we have a wider range of skills to meet the emergent needs of our clients and ensure we have the right support in place for our team by hiring heads of our disciplines to grow, nurture and train our teams.

How can I apply?

When our adverts go out they will specify requirements and skills for each role. But, we’re looking for a range of people and are open to all kinds of experience so please do apply. 

If you’ve applied before, please do so again. 

They will all be appearing on our jobs page and linked to this post as they go live.

We recently overhauled our recruitment process to help ensure we’re building a diverse and inclusive team. Throughout the recruitment process, we’ll be providing applicants with any support they need. We actively encourage applications from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

Please send your application to jobs@wearesnook.com with the title Hire me: Role Title (and your role you’re shooting for).

All our jobs are advertised for at least 6 weeks but we are undertaking rolling recruitment so please do send in your applications. We will keep the posts open for as long as we need, to find the right people.

12 Mar 2020