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26 Jul 2018

Working at Snook

Here’s why headspace and the cycle to work scheme are exciting new additions to the Snook team


We’ve grown a lot in the last year. Our studios in London and Glasgow have welcomed some new and exciting talent and projects; and we don’t plan on slowing down.

As we make the transition from a small company – to a slightly larger one, we decided to sit back and evaluate how we can support the growth and pace of our team. We want to make sure every researcher, designer, strategist, and member of the operations team has the support and tools they need to focus, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s some of the steps we have taken to make our team happier, both inside and outside of work.

On your bike

At Snook, we’re already big fans of cycling. We’re the people who started CycleHack and firmly believe that sustainable transport should be more accessible for everyone. So with this in mind, we have taken steps to ensure that everyone can have access to a new bike, if they want to.

We are excited to announce that we are now part of the cycle to work scheme. The scheme allows you to get the bike and accessories of your choice, save at least 25% on the overall cost, and spread the costs through a salary sacrifice. Furthermore it allows our team to cycle to their heart’s content, building focus and reaping the mental and physical benefits of cycling to work.

Stop. Breathe in. Breathe out…

We are all very busy. Sometimes that can be good busy, and sometimes it can be bad busy. How do you recognise the bad from good? How do you deal with this?

This is where Headspace comes in. It’s an mindfulness training app which works by talking you through the practical application of mindfulness, and provides guided practice. It starts at 3 mins for absolute beginners and builds to 20 mins for “mindfulness heroes.”

We are really happy to be able offer everyone in the team access to Headspace – free of charge.

With the introduction of Headspace in the Snook studios, we hope our team can build it into the day, existing fitness routines, or their daily commute. Overall, by removing barriers to meditation and starting to ingrain it into company culture, we hope the London and Glasgow studios will start to feel a little bit more “zen”.

What do you think?

We’re committed to providing a healthy company culture that promotes good  physical and mental health. We recognise it can be hard when working in a busy agency, however we hope that these tools are a step in the right direction.

As a company that’s keen to learn and grow, we want to hear what you do! Get in touch and let us know if we are getting this right, or how you promote a positive and healthy company work culture by dropping us an e-mail at

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